How to recover from Boot failed “EFI PXE O for IPv4″



This article describes how to recover from “EFI PXE O for IPv4" when mobile PC launches.
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I have the following Phenomenon regarding boot failed twice times at the moment 2nd May, 2020.

PC manufacturer: mouse computer
PC type: m book C100SN-S10-KK [Windows 10]

1.Main power switch for Mobile PC is turned on.

2.Logo “mouse computer" is displayed.

3.Message “Checking media" is displayed.

4.Following message is displayed.

“EFI PXE O for IPv4
(80-FA-5B-71-76-CC) boot failed."

5. Shell is launched.

How to recover from EFI PXE O for IPv4

It is confirmed my PC is recovered from EFI PXE O for IPv4 with the following operation.

1.Input command “exit" in Shell.

2.Select “Boot From File"

3.Select “SYSTEM"

4.Select “EFI"

5. Select “Boot"

6. Select “bootx64.efi"

Above operation reboot PC and PC will be back to normal condition.

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