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What is the Szechuan Style Sesame Hot Noodles restaurant “Daijobuya Kohrantei"

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⇒⇒⇒長崎諫早で濃厚コク深 担々麺 大丈夫屋 紅蘭亭に行ってみた


I love Szechuan Style Sesame Hot Noodles (hereinafter, this is called Japanese name “Tantan noodles").

I prefer the one has rich taste by miso and sesame in spicy taste to the one has only spicy taste.

I introduce Tantan noodles restaurant “Daijobuya Kohrantei" that provide the marvelous taste for us.

Kohrantei is located on Washizaki Machi Isahaya city in Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan.

The restaurant location is as follows.

〒854-0051 長崎県諫早市鷲崎町361-1/361-1 Washizaki-Machi, Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefecture.

The restaurant looks as follows.

Entering the restaurant, you will find the unique China.It is different from ordinary Chinese restaurant.

Bouncy kung-fu chinese movie music is playing and a poster of Bruce Lee is put on the wall.

You will find master’s intrest in not only ambience but also taste.

My recommendation is Black tantan noodles.

My favorite is Black tantan noodles.

I have had many opportunities to try various tantan noodles in my life and found Black tantan noodles of Kohrantei my favorite.I feel like having it sometimes a year and repeat it.

Black tantan noodles have a combination of meat-miso and black sesame. Very tasty and rich.I fell in love with it.

Black tantan noodles

Before I met Black tantan noodles, I think  tantan noodles were one of ramen that taste spicy and sesame But, having Black tantan noodles changed my simple thought about tantan noodles. What a rich taste it is!

I think Kohrantei is worth visiting in Nagasaki.

Not only Black, Kohrantei has two more  tastes of tantan noodles

Including Black tantan noodles, Kohrantei supplies guests with three types tantan noodles.

The characteristic of each types is shown as follows.

1. Black tantan noodles (Japanese pronunciation: Kuro no tantanmen)…Mainly use Miso. Rich taste. Mentioned above.

2. Red tantan noodles(Japanese pronunciation: Aka no tantanmen)…Mainly use Red pepper. Very spicy.

3. Mongolian tantan noodles(Japanese pronunciation: Mongolian no tantanmen)…Use much amount of Braised pork and vegetables. If you have it, your hungry stomach feels satisfy. Not so spicy.

Menu is as follows and written in only Japanese.

There is the same named restaurant “Daijobuya Kohrantei" in Moriyama machi Isahaya city in Nagasaki Prefecture. It is the original restaurant of Washizaki machi Kohrantei.

“Daijobuya Kohrantei" in Washizaki Machi is specialized in Tatan noodles and derived from Moriyama machi’s.

The master said it is different recipe and taste from Washizaki and Moriyama. I’ll try Moriyama’s someday.

Moriyama Kohrantei map

〒854-0203 長崎県諫早市森山町本村780−15/780-15 Honmura Moriyama-Machi, Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Review in the Internet

Kohrantei has over 4 stars on google review.If you like strong taste, you probably like it.

Review in the Internet


Kohrantei was located on Hamano machi in Nagasaki city. Unfortunately, it was forced to close in the past due to lack of restaurant staff.

Now there are only the two as mentioned above in Isahaya city and you have no choice but use a car to easily access it.

I hope that this taste would be passed down for generations.

I write this article in order to let all over the world people who loves ramen know about Kohrantei’s tantan noodles.


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