Cool design bottle “Bobble” reduces your outgo


My motive for getting the product is increasing money that I can use freely

The ordinary person hopes to obtain much money to spend freely and so I am.
Increasing income and decreasing outgo are the only simple way in order to accomplish the above.
But it is easier said than done.
In order to increase income, the only thing I can think of the following points.

1. Improving your skill and gain the recognation from your boss.
2. Try to start something like investment or changing jobs.

But, it takes much time to earn money.

Therefore, the easiest way is decreasing the outcome.
But you can’t decrease easily the cost for something.

I consider that the cost for food, social and study is not to be cut because these are more valuable than money.
Review your life style and what item except mentioned above you can cut.

What items of outgo can I reduce ?

In my case, purchasing the bottle of cold water from vending machine correspond to the item.

Hot drink like coffee can be made with pot installed in our office.
But, cold drink can’t be made.
So, I buy it.

I consider how can I cut the expense of it and reach the one conclusion.Is tap water is available to drink?
But tap water is not tasty.
How can I change tap water more tasty?

Introduction of “Bobble"

I researched the goods and found it.

Item name: Bobble (If clicking the picture below, you can get the item by Amazon)

Bobble ボブル 浄水器 浄水ポット 浄水ボトル 水筒 直飲み 災害時 震災時 携帯用 浄水 蛇口 水道水 ろ過 590ml 活性炭 カートリッジ付き スポーツ アウトドア おしゃれ (peacock)

[Good point]
・Cool design
・Attached cap can prevent from leaking. Therefore you can easily take it in your bag.
・Carbon filter in cap removes the chroline from tap water.

[Bad point]
・It is necessary to replace regularly the old filter with new one.
One filter can be used for 300 times.

Bobble makes my condition of outgo healthy

I has not purchased from vending machine since I started using Bobble.
I am satisfied with taste of Bobble supplying water.
As the result, I can save ¥200~300 everyday.

In other word, I can save ¥4,000~6,000 in a month, I can save ¥48,000~72,000 in a year, assuming that I go to the office 20days in a year.

Don’t you think it is a considerable sum of money?

I hope my propose is useful for you.


Posted by Gin