(Asian food easy recipe)How to cook stir fry vegetable with kimuchi


I explan how to cook stir fry vegetable with kimuchi this time.

Kimuchi is the Korean’s pickles which is made of vegetable, such as Chinese cabbage, salt, chilli pepper, salted sea food and garlic.

Process,ingredients and equipment are as follows.

Process (It takes 15min.)

1. Put on the bean sprouts and chopped cabbage on the pan
and pour sesame oil on it.

2. Fry over a low flame for 10min.
(Mix it sometimes in order that heat is conveyed uniformly.)

3. Add kimuchi.

4. Fry over a high flame last 30sec.

5. Add some salt and pepper.



1 Bean sprouts  1 package
2  Cabbage Suitable quantity you want
3  Kimuchi 100g
4 Salt Suitable quantity
5 Pepper Suitable quantity
6 Sesame oil Suitable quantity


Pan  1pc


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