(Japanese traditional food simple recipe) How to cook Okonomiyaki of Osaka in simple way.


Cooking for myself reduces expenses

There is cooking for myself as a mean of reducing expenses.
Busy man has no time to cook and tends to eat out.
So do I.

But, eating out takes much cost,
if you want a feeling of fullness.

Therefore, I propose to cook for myself.
If you learn how to cook easy menu, you will get into the habit.

I explan how to cook sea food Okonomiyaki of Osaka this time.

Process,ingredients and equipment are as follows.

Process (It takes 20min.)

1. Mix up the ingredient 1~7 in the bowl.
2. Arrange the slices of pork on the buttom of toaster-pan.
3. Pour the mixture of process-1 into the toater-pan.
4. Put the toaster-pan into the oven toaster and roast it for 15min. at 220 degree celsius.
5. Turn the toaster-pan upside down and put it on the dish.
The pork will be located on the top of Okonomiyaki.
CAUTION: The oven toaster and toaster-pan are extremely hot
6. Drop the Otafuku sauce and dried bonito shavings on the top of Okonomiyaki.

Cooking equipment

Oven-toaster 1pc
Toaster pan for Oven-toaster 1pc

Ingredients for 2 people

1  Soft wheat flour  100g
2  Egg 1pc
3  Soup stock 100ml
(Drink water 100ml+Dashi liquid 1table spoon)
 4  Cabbage cut into thin strips  120g
 5  Universal welsh onion Suitable quantity
 6  Tempura scraps Suitable quantity
 7  Sea foods
(Octpus and/or Squid)
Suitable quantity
 8  Slices of pork 80g
 9  Dried‐bonito shavings  Suitable quantity
 10  Otafuku sauce  Suitable quantity

Photo as reference

・Toaster pan



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